Eynnyd is a WSGI framework, which means to serve an Eynnyd application you need to run a WSGI server. We recommend Gunicorn (as it is what we use) but there are many worth looking into.

Local Serving

If you used Gunicorn then you can run your application via:

gunicorn hello_world_app

This assumes that you have a file named where inside you have a variable named application which returns the built Eynnyd Webapp (See the hello world tutorial for an example).

Deploying a Server

Due to Eynnyd being a new framework we don’t have a ton of documentation on deploying to various cloud systems.

The good news is that because it is a WSGI framework, Eynnyd can be used as a drop in replacement for any tutorial on how to deploy any other WSGI frameworks.

Keep watching though for coming documentation on deploying Eynnyd specifically.