Throughout these docs and our code we use a series of terms which we hope make sense inherently but just in case we have compiled this glossary:


A Handler is the code executed for a request which converts a request into a response. In Eynnyd it is simply a function which takes a single argument (the request) and returns a response.


An Interceptor is code which is executed before or after a Handler for a request. Request Interceptors happen before the Handler and Response Interceptors happen after. In Eynnyd you can have as many Interceptors as you like executed around a Handler. In some frameworks this is also called Middleware.


A route is a path of execution to some code. Handler Routes use an HTTP method like “GET”, “POST”, “PUT”, “DELETE”, etc., and a path like “/foo/bar” to decide what handlers to execute. Interceptor Routes only require a path and execute for every request along that path.

Error Handler

An Error Handler is code that gets executed when an associated exception is thrown. There are two types of pre response error handlers and post response error handler. Pre response error handlers which execute when an exception is thrown from a request Interceptor or a Handler. Post response error handlers execute when an exception is thrown during response Interceptors.