We will build up our collection of Tutorials over time to include as many real world situations as possible. Our tutorials use Eynnyd the way we prefer but this is not the only way to use the framework.

For example, we like to using Fluent Interfaces and our framework allows for that, but it also allows for you to not work this way.

A Fluent usage might look like:

routes = \
    RoutesBuilder() \
        .add_request_interceptor("/hello", log_request) \
        .add_handler("GET", "/hello", hello_world) \
        .add_response_interceptor("/hello", log_response) \

but this would work just as well if you wrote it as:

routes_builder = RoutesBuilder()
routes_builder.add_request_interceptor("/hello", log_request)
routes_builder.add_handler("GET", "/hello", hello_world)
routes_builder.add_response_interceptor("/hello", log_response)
routes = routes_builder.build()

Use the framework the way you prefer, who are we to judge?